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If your child is turning 10, 11 or 12 this year, please choose a Club from the list below. They will be able to place your child into either an Under 10 or Under 12 team this season. All "Returning" participants do not receive any gear, but pay a reduced term fee. These sessions are only held during the school terms. This term, you'll find the Pirates coaching at:. St Stephen's School, Algester - Wednesdays 3.

Hibiscus Sports Complex - Saturdays 7. Coaches run through the basics of basketball at the Skills and Drills sessions, using play-based games. These sessions focus on dribbling, passing, listening and shooting. The modified games at Runcorn High are played on 8ft rings and across the court.

All new children can attend a free trial to see if they enjoy the program, then sign up for the following week if they are keen to continue. For further information regarding any of these programs, email Chris: admin southwestbasketball. When you feel they are ready to start playing basketball, the coordinator or coach can assist in placing your child into a team in one of our competitions held on Saturday mornings. New players should contact the Club closest to their area. You do not need to live in the suburb to participate in the club you choose.

New players are welcome to join at anytime during the season Eligibility rules may apply for finals. ALL spectators must enter their details via the QR Code or on an attendance sheet similar to dining out in cafes and restaurants at present.

If you need further assistance in locating a club, please contact Chris in the South West Metro Office - admin southwestbasketball. All players must register online, prior to taking the court in games, at www. Registration Fees are payable online, at time of registration, with a credit card. Anyone interested in nominating a team, or interested in joining a team, should contact the Competitions Coordinator relevant to that competition.

For further assistance, please contact the South West Metro Office on 07 or email admin southwestbasketball. Coordinator - Chris Rideout or email admin southwestbasketball. The first season runs from February - June and the second season runs from July - December.

The first season runs from January - June and the second season runs from July - December. All players must register online, prior to taking the court in round games, at www. Teams must give at least 24 hours notice of forfeits to avoid any monetary penalties. Forfeits within 24 hours notice may incur a forfeit fee equal to double the usual game fee. Players should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to game time and then leave the stadium promptly after the game has finished.Straddling the Murrumbidgee Riverwith an urban population of more than 56, as of JuneWagga Wagga is the state's largest inland city, [5] and is an important agricultural, military, and transport hub of Australia.

Welcome to the Home of South Western Youth Basketball!

The ninth largest inland city in Australia, [6] Wagga Wagga is located midway between the two largest cities in Australia— Sydney and Melbourne —and is the major regional centre for the Riverina and South West Slopes regions. The central business district is focused around the commercial and recreational grid bounded by Best and Tarcutta Streets and the Murrumbidgee River and the Sturt Highway. The main shopping street of Wagga is Baylis Street which becomes Fitzmaurice Street at the northern end.

The city is in an alluvial valley and much of the city has a problem with urban salinity. The original inhabitants of the Wagga Wagga region were the Wiradjuri people. InCharles Sturt became the first European explorer to visit the future site of the city. Squatters arrived soon after. The town, positioned on the site of a ford across the Murrumbidgee, [7] was surveyed and gazetted as a village in and the town grew quickly after.

Inthe town was gazetted as a municipality. During the negotiations leading to the federation of the Australian colonies, Wagga Wagga was a contender for the site of the capital for the new nation. The Great Depression and the resulting hardship saw Wagga Wagga become the centre of a secession movement for the Riverina region.

After the war, Wagga Wagga was proclaimed as a city in and new suburbs were developed to the south of the city. In the city was amalgamated with the neighbouring Kyeamba and Mitchell Shires to form the City of Wagga Wagga local government area.

Wagga Wagga is at the eastern end of the Riverina region where the slopes of the Great Dividing Range flatten and form the Riverina plain. The city straddles the Murrumbidgee Riverone of the great rivers of the Murray-Darling Basinand the city centre is on the southern bank, protected by a levee from potential flooding. The city sits halfway between the largest cities in Australia, being kilometres southwest of Sydney and kilometres northeast of Melbourne with the Sydney—Melbourne railway line passing through.

This location astride some of the major transport routes in the nation has made Wagga Wagga an important heavy truck depot for a number of companies including Toll Holdings. Wagga Wagga itself is the major regional centre for the Riverina and for much of the South West Slopes regions, providing education, health and other services to a region extending as far as Griffith to the west, Cootamundra to the north and Tumut to the east.

Wagga Wagga is upstream from the Riverina plain in the mid-catchment range of the Murrumbidgee River in an alluvial valley confined by low bedrock hills.

Groundwater therefore cannot leave easily, leading to Wagga Wagga having a problem with waterlogged soil and soil salination. Urban salination in Wagga Wagga is now the subject of a large multi-pronged approach to prevent further salination and reclaim salt-affected areas. The location of Wagga Wagga's Central business district was already well established by the late s and remains focused around the commercial and recreational grid bounded by Best and Tarcutta Streets and the Murrumbidgee River and the Sturt Highway.

The Wollundry Lagoon is the water focus of the city centre and has been a key element in the development and separation of the north older and south newer parts of the city centre.

Most residential growth in Wagga Wagga has been on the higher ground to the south of the city centre, with the only residential areas north of the Murrumbidgee being the flood prone suburb of North Wagga Wagga and the university suburb of Estella.

Major industrial areas of Wagga Wagga include the northern suburb of Bomen and the eastern suburb of East Wagga Wagga. Thomas Mitchellthe surveyor who served under Lord Wellington named many of the streets after Peninsula War veterans.

Wagga Wagga has a temperate climate with hot dry summers and cool to cold winters. Winters can be cold by Australian standards with the mean maximum temperature falling in July to Fog and heavy frosts are common in the winter while snow is a very rare occurrence. The hottest temperature on record is Wagga Wagga has In the city recorded anomalous maximum of Wagga Wagga has a mean annual rainfall of The original Aboriginal inhabitants of the Wagga Wagga region were the Wiradjuri people and the term "Wagga" and derivatives of that word in the Wiradjuri aboriginal language was thought to mean " crow ".

To create the plural, the Wiradjuri repeat a word, thus 'Wagga Wagga' translated to 'the place of many crows'. Other translations have also attributed the word 'wagga' to meaning, 're-eling a sick man or a dizzy man ; to dance, slide or grind'.Congratulations to the Junior Boys A team on reaching the championship game of the St. Joseph tournament. We are a program which provides opportunities for children in the South Western School District to play basketball year round.

We focus on teaching fundamentals to new players and pushing experienced players to improve their skill level even further. Our goals include teaching self-confidence, sportsmanship and cooperation to boys and girls in a healthy, team-oriented environment.

Please check this site frequently for opportunities to get involved. South Western Youth Basketball is an organization completely run by volunteers. This is competitive league where scores and standings are kept. The top 8 teams make a single elimination playoff tournament at the end of the season.

murrumbidgee south west basketball

Wins and losses are not tracked. All teams have opportunity to participate in a tournament at the end of the season. Beginning in November, A and B teams hold two minute practices per week at one of the South Western elementary schools.

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The A League runs through February with playoffs in the first two weekends in March. The B League runs through early February with the tournament held on various weekends in February.

Teams usually consist of 10 or 11 players. Due to the large number of players trying out, cuts unfortunately need to be made. The season for the C teams begins in November and ends in February. Players in the Development program do not need game uniforms or practice jerseys; they will receive t-shirts. Game admission fees are used to cover the referee costs. We also run a concession stand at each home game to supplement the cost of the referees and other organization costs.

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Joseph Invitational Tournament Champions St. Copyright Website design by Coulson Graphics. Return to top.Several frontline workers from Bunbury Regional Prison were recognised for their long service and achievements at National Corrections Day on Friday. Officers were recognised for 10, 20 and 30 years of service, as well as for graduating from probation and moving through the ranks.

Superintendent Kerri Bishop said the day was about acknowledging the work of staff in corrective services. Supt Bishop said it was very exciting to award so many staff members this year. Prison officers Ian Ralph and Wally Yagmich were among those recognised, receiving awards for 30 years in correction and 45 years in government organisations respectively. Mr Yagmich said said he felt overwhelmed by the response from his peers.

He said the best part of working in corrections was the camaraderie between staff members. Close navigation menu Subscribe Log In. Today's Paper. Place an Ad. Regional Publications. Search Search. Subscribe Subscribe Chevron Right Icon. Bunbury corrections officers recognised for achievements.

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Ailish Delaney South Western Times. Thu, 21 January AM. Regional Network Albany Advertiser incl. The Extra. Augusta-Margaret River Times. Broome Advertiser. Bunbury Herald. Busselton-Dunsborough Times. Geraldton Guardian. Great Southern Herald. Harvey Waroona Reporter. Kalgoorlie Miner. The Kimberley Echo. Manjimup Bridgetown Times. Midwest Times. Narrogin Observer. North West Telegraph.

murrumbidgee south west basketball

Pilbara News. South Western Times.For the Wiradjuri people, the three rivers were their livelihood and supplied a variety of consistent and abundant food provisions including shellfish and fish such as Murray cod HO and DUAP In dry seasons the food from the rivers was supplemented with kangaroos and emus hunted for their meat, as well as fresh food gathered from the land between the rivers, including fruit, nuts, yam daisies, wattle seeds and orchid tubers HO and DUAP Evidence of the presence of the Wiradjuri people is common along the Macquarie and Lachlan Rivers in the northern half of the bioregion, but less so along the Murrumbidgee in the south, even though the Wiradjuri people lived on both sides of the Murrumbidgee HO and DUAP Surviving carved trees are numerous in the northern part of the traditional Wiradjuri range, whereas there are only 3 of these surviving near the Murrumbidgee HO and DUAP The reason for this is not clear, although the original presence of such carved trees is not necessarily indicated by their present-day distribution HO and DUAP The Wiradjuri people generally moved around in small groups, using the river flats, open land and waterways with some regularity through the seasons as indicated by debris that has accumulated in these areas HO and DUAP Clashes between the new European settlers and the local Aboriginal people were common around the Murrumbidgee and even further north, particularly between and These violent incidents have been termed the 'Wiradjuri wars' and involved removal of cattle and spearing of stockmen by the Wiradjuri people in response to killing of their people as well as loss of their fishing grounds and significant sites following invasion by the new settlers HO and DUAP Settlers' concerns about the dangers of the Aboriginal people subsided during the s as did the independence of the Wiradjuri people.

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By the s, although corroborees were still being held on the hills surrounding Mudgee, the culture of the local Aborigines had been vitiated by disease, alcohol and mass European influx during gold rush periods HO and DUAP Despite their tragic recent past, the identity of the Wiradjuri people of the South Western Slopes Bioregion remains robust to the present day, a high degree of marriage within the Wiradjuri community contributing to this strength of identity.

Charles Sturt and George Macleay observed the South Western Slopes Bioregion in and within 15 years pastoralists occupied most of the river frontages on the Murrumbidgee in the bioregion's south. Further north, John Oxley explored the region in and, soon after, pastoralists began to bring their cattle to the bioregion. By the s, pastoralists were already making their mark on the landscape. On the southern bank of the Murrumbidgee, Peter Stuckey had introduced what were probably St Helena willows that grew along the river in competition with the native casuarinas and eucalypts HO and DUAP Stock were already grazing in the southeast of the bioregion in and settlement extended west along the Murrumbidgee, with emancipists such as Charles Tompson and George Best settling near what is now Wagga Wagga.

As Murrumbidgee frontages were occupied, settlement began to spread to the river tributaries, expanding north and south from the Murrumbidgee.

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As the traditional lands and lifestyles of the Aboriginal people were overtaken by Europeans, big pastoral properties developed around Mudgee and Rylstone, which became towns in and respectively. In the north of the bioregion, a similar pattern developed with the establishment of huge properties initially as cattle stations, with some stations changing to sheep not long after. Wheat was grown in the area for use on the stations.

The so-called 'Wiradjuri wars' led to the temporary departure of pastoralists from some runs in the area aroundso fearful were they of resistance by the local Aborigines determined to keep their land. However, most station owners returned later in the s and sheep and cattle numbers grew.

A severe drought hit the Murrumbidgee area in just as the gold rushes began and, despite the drought, the people of the bioregion saw success.Southwest Basketball. We are urgently seeking players with talent and potential, born in the calendar years and Of course, boys and girls with good playing skills and experience are needed, but also those new to the game but with height, size, outstanding athletic ability, potential leadership qualities etc.

If you know of a suitable candidate,…. Read more Seeking Under 13 Talent! Both players made the cut after the England team camps over the holiday period.

Wagga Wagga

Matthew learned his basketball at Penryn Saracens and is now with Reading Rockets. Read more South West players in England selection. He has already been working with the squad at their first training camp, under Head Coach Andreas Kapoulas, who is another…. Teams of boys and girls from South West Under14, born will be on the plane to the Prague again next March, our 17th visit to the Czech Republic.

Skip to content Search for:. Menu Search. Management Committee Gallery News Sign up. Articles We are urgently seeking players with talent and potential, born in the calendar years and If you know of a suitable candidate,… Read more Seeking Under 13 Talent!Delays due to AHS restrictions has pushed the league start date back to February 13th, Email our volunteer coordinator to express interest!

We appreciate you searching for an answer prior to contacting us as most of the commonly asked questions are answered there. We are awaiting team quotas from EYBA and will be in touch with registrants about the fall season as soon as we receive word.

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Registration information. The Southwest Zone Youth Basketball Association Annual General Meeting previously scheduled for August 20, at 7pm virtual meeting has been postponed due to uncertainty around Covid and this season. We are an inclusive basketball program in Edmonton, AB, Canada that emphasizes fun, teamwork, and skill building.

Read More. Find out more…. Skip to content info southwestbasketball.

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Winter Registration Closed! Volunteer Position: Equipment Manager We are looking for an equipment manager to help us organize our gear! Duties: Report to the board and communicate with the Administrative Coordinator Coordinate equipment volunteers Help systematize our equipment management Help teams stay geared up and looking good! Have a Question?

murrumbidgee south west basketball

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page! Community Registration is now closed mites still open Community Registration closed Sept 3, Mites Registration is open till Sept.

Southwest Basketball We are an inclusive basketball program in Edmonton, AB, Canada that emphasizes fun, teamwork, and skill building.

Gym Etiquette We are guests in the gyms that we practice and play in. Please: Restrict your access to the gym only Remove dirty footwear Do not bring food or drink in the gyms Stick to the scheduled times for gym access Find out more….